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David Brock 2 years ago • updated by Gloria Sarmiento Fuertes 2 years ago 3
Once you have organised a list be able to put it into order after you have entered all the terms
Leena Karmitsa 2 years ago • updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 1 year ago 1
N Wallis 3 months ago 0

The main sentence has a spelling error


Can this be changed?

Nikki Hayes 12 months ago • updated 12 months ago 0

I'd like to promote this website to teachers and students at my institute but as they are all English teachers, the first thing they would notice is a spelling mistake.

I am referring to the page where new lists are created ("Let's get started by selecting wether you want to upload a PDF, Word, or Text file, or paste a list of words. Click the appropriate choice below.").

Could you please change the spelling of the word "wether" (correct = "whether")?

Thank you and congratulations on what seems to be a really useful tool!

...BTW, "wether" is a legitimate word (although not in common use) but this word has a meaning that you will probably NOT want to have associated with your website :-) ...

Pete C 12 months ago 0

What a wonderful tool. Thank you.

A few suggestions.

1. It would be cool as an ESL student to have the word explanation in different languages.

2. Have a quick global option to cut out the main common words such as "and", "if", "but" etc ...

3. Keep the edit fuction (the pen/delete) to the far left and next to the vocabulary word because sometimes you want efficiency and you don't want to look far left and far right.

Judith Conroy 12 months ago 0

I work with students who have reading difficulties, it would be great if you could make it more accessible by enabling words and text to be spoken. Thanks Judith

anony anon 2 years ago • updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 2 years ago 6
Hello - Earlier today we pushed out a new version of Vocabulist which greatly improves our definition engine. It is now faster and more reliable. Please try your list again and let us know if it works. 

Thanks for using Vocabulist - every user counts!

Ahan Malhotra - Founder