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sort into alphabetical order

David Brock 5 years ago updated by Gloria Sarmiento Fuertes 5 years ago 3
Once you have organised a list be able to put it into order after you have entered all the terms
Under review

Select words instead of deleting them from the list

Alnita Edwards 5 years ago updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 5 years ago 1
It would be nice to select the words from the list that I would like to keep. Instead of deleting words I don't want. Can be too time consuming for very long documents.


Claudia Andrade 5 years ago updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 5 years ago 2

clipboard-image-markerIt could be better to detect words that have already been identified to reduce the list. Well done!! (And this textbox marks numbered list and I haven't selected them)

In other languages as well?

Leena Karmitsa 5 years ago updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 5 years ago 1

Let's get started by selecting wether... is not the correct spelling.

Tammy Fumall 2 years ago 0

You might want to fix this.  Thanks


Delete repeat words

cinnemon.buie 3 years ago 0

It would be nice if Vocabulist automatically detected and deleted duplicate words from the list


Some other options for the vocabulary list

Tatyana Sokolova 3 years ago 0

1. Delete repeated words 2. Enable more than one definition 3. enable uploading or choosing an image for a definition


Spelling mistage

N Wallis 3 years ago 0

The main sentence has a spelling error


Can this be changed?