Smarter Engine needed

James Barrett 4 years ago updated by Ahan Malhotra (Founder) 4 years ago 1

Nice Idea, but the search engine, or whatever it is needs to be a little bit smarter. It defined the city "NEW YORK" as 2 separate words. something new, and a city in Pennsylvania. Also isn't there a way to drop words like a, the, I? The Engine tried to define ever word. instead of vital words like advertised. This is Useless for my ESL/ EFL students. One needs to know the language before it can be used. Not use it to assist in learning what words mean for the 1st time


Hi James,

Thanks for your feedback. I am actively working to improve our engine to give better definitions and detect words. Please stay tuned as we improve our service and change vocabulary!

Ahan Malhotra

Founder - Random Widgets